4×4 Course

Lanseria Country Estate invites you to enjoy its latest addition to it’s already multi varied set of offerings. We present you our 4 x 4 DRIVING EXPERIENCE, our 4×4  Course in Lanseria.. The track is ideal for a solid introduction to the wonderful world of off road adventure and a great family outing. Our track obstacles are set in a natural environment and guests will commence with relatively easy to overcome obstacles with difficulty increasing as they progress through the course. For the enthusiast more challenging routes are available and we also offer recovery courses. These are ideal for those who are planning a long excursion in their off road vehicles. The type of obstacles you can expect to find with us will be steep gradients, side slopes, cross axles, mud ruts, ditch crossings and water crossings. 



Delegates will receive the following;

    • Tea or coffee and breakfast pastry will be available on arrival (8am).
    • Off-road driving lecture by conducted by qualified instructor (9am)
    • Safety briefing will given and introduction to the instructor team
    • An Introduction to basic vehicle layout & functions will be presented 
    • An Off-road driving experience over the various obstacles on our 4×4 Course
    • Lunch will be served (1pm)
    • More driving after lunch
    • In conclusionPresentation of certificates
  • Pricing is as follows;
    • Vehicle plus first occupant charged at R1500
    • Additional occupants charged at R800 per person
    • Children Under 12 will pay R200 per child
  • Bookings need to be made and paid for at least 72 hours before the date of the event
  • Maximum of 5 persons per vehicle are allowed


We also offer great facilitated team building events ideal for Motor Vehicle Dealerships and Motor Vehicle Manufacturers

TEAM BUILDING ON 4×4 course in lanseria
  • Groups to broken up into teams of four or more
  • Teams will choose an appropriate team name and to also prepare a war cry
  • Each group will be given a particular vehicle task and 30 minutes to complete
  • Groups will each will have an opportunity to compete each task
  • A monitor from Lanseria Country Estate 4×4 track will supervise each team for scoring purposes but more importantly from a safety perspective
  • Points will be allocated for each exercise
  • Penalties will see points deducted during the exercises
  • All Points will be awarded for the team name, the war cry effort and the amount of obstacles conquered during the timed session
  • The team with the most points will be declared the track champions
  • Due to the presence of penalty points a team could very well end up with minus points at a particular task

Here a vehicle will have a plate stuck to the bonnet with prestick.

A tennis ball will be placed in the plate and should the ball fall from the plate, 1 point will be deducted and the vehicle must halt until a team member returns the ball to the plate


Here teams will have two similar vehicles but with different specs, here the teams must note the features that one has that do not feature in the other


A vehicle will have to be driven down a narrow panhandle into the pan where it needs to be turned around and exited through the same panhandle that it entered. Each time the vehicle touches a barrier points will be deducted.


Two vehicles will be parked adjacent to each other, one facing forward and the other backwards. A rope holding a board will be suspended between the vehicles and the objective will be to knock over as many obstacles as possible.


The Driver will be blindfolded and will be guided by their team members through a set of obstacles. Points will be awarded for each successful run and of course deducted for and obstacles touched.


We are also open to those experienced drivers who would just like to drive the off road 4×4 course in Lanseria. Rates are R400 per vehicle. Rate include a R100 food and beverage voucher redeemable at @ThePlace2B, our onsite restaurant.

“the fun begins where the tarred road ends”